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We value your creps just as much as you do, which is why we’re dedicated to getting the maximum we possibly can for you. Use our marketplace and fill out the form below.


List the sneakers, clothing or accessories that you want us to sell. They must be brand new! After we've reviewed them, we'll set a market price based on our vast industry experience.


Once we've approved your item for re-sale, simply ship them to us using an insured and tracked service and we’ll store them for you until they have been sold.


Once we have sold your item you’ll receive 80% of the value. No quibble, no fuss, so get started below and let’s sell sell sell.


Our professional consignment team photographs your sneakers and makes them available to our vast majority of sneaker heads around the world!

Our consignment team is dedicated to ensure your sneakers are provided with as much detail as possible!

What is our consignment fee?

Our consignment fee is 20% of the overall selling price meaning consignors will receive 80% of the overall amount.

How is the price set?

Our team of specialists decide the price according to the market rate, prices vary depending on the condition, rarity, and size availability.

What if i want a certain price for my item(s)?

We decide the price for your item(s) by discussing them with our consignors, we make sure the price given is fair for our customers, as well as our consignors. The price is not final until confirmed and reviewed by with the customer.

What products can i consign?

All items consigned to our marketplace must be BRAND NEW with the original packaging and must be 100% authentic!

How do i send my item(s)

All items must be sent using an insured and tracked service to our storage department and must be sent with the consignment form which you can download here

How long will it take for my items to sell?

Once the shoes have been sent, you must allow us at least 30 days from receipt to sell your shoes before requesting to return at your expense

Shipping fees are: £10 within the UK mainland, £30 EU and £45 rest of the world.

How do i get my money once my item(s) have been sold?

You receive a wire transfer for once your shoes sell, International consignors also receive wire transfers. Please allow 14-20 working days for your payment to be wired.

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