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We check all items carefully before sending them to you. Our team of brand experts employ a strict process for checking all items for authenticity and quality.

Post purchased, never worn with tags

When an item leaves the official store where it's purchased, it’s no longer considered “new” even though it might be in never worn, “new” condition and still has the original tags and packaging.

Never worn

A never-worn item without a tag or original packaging is an item which has never been worn and shows no defects or alterations.

Very good

The item was worn only a few times and is in very good condition. It shows no or only minor signs of use and has no flaws.


The item was worn several times but still in a good condition. It shows only minor signs of use and has no major flaws.


The item may have been worn many times and may have obvious signs of wear or defects. It still fulfils the high quality standards of Crepslocker.

Crepslocker has no association and/or affiliation with the brands whose products are offered for sale on its website.  The authentication of said products is performed independently by Crepslocker.

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Sneaker & Trainer Cleaning Care Kits

A range of sneaker and trainer cleaning kits available; shoe wipes, waterproof protectors, suede cleaner, brushes, midsole paint pens, cloths and much more.
    SneakersER Premium Sneaker Cleaning Brush



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    SneakersER Premium Sneaker Protector Duo Kit
    Sold Out
    SneakersER Midsole Paint Pen White 10MM



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    SneakersER Midsole Paint Pen Black 10MM



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    SneakersER Flat Sneaker Laces Black 120CM



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